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Enabling individuals
and organizations to:
grow and develop

fulfill their potential

achieve success

We are a team of committed human resource and management consulting professionals who specialize in enabling clients to recruit and develop talented leaders and performers.  We facilitate organizational design and best practice human resource and management processes and systems.  This enables strong corporate performance, supporting clients as they work through the tough issues.  We also assist organizational leaders as they manage change and transition, and provide a range of career transition programs for employees who leave their employment or choose to retire.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we have been providing consulting services to clients since 1991 and strive toward the highest standards of practice, objectivity and discretion in our approach.

At Royer Thompson, we lever the knowledge and skills of our clients, contributing insight and expertise to the problem solving process.


"Your Success is Our Commitment"


Gladstone Professional Center | Suite 303, 6155 North Street | Halifax, NS B3K 5R3
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